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Hello! I'm Kristin Parker.

I am a passionate, creative, fun, family, wedding and special-event photographer based in East Greenwich, Rhode Island. 


I have been blessed to be able to be a stay-at-home Army wife to my husband, Jay, raise our 2 boys, Owen & Joel, and our rescue pup, Belle. 

I have always lived in Little Rhody (except for those 4 months when we were stationed in Washington) and I have especially loved photographing people and events around our little state, looking at places I've always known through my lens and with a fresh eye. 

Having loved photography my whole life, my family and friends encouraged me to take some lessons and gave me opportunities to use my talents by photographing them and gaining some hands-on experience. 


I launched my professional business in 2014, which has taken off ... and the rest is history! 


**In-home studio open for business!!

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